White Raven

by OnceOver

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"White Raven" (EP) is the sixth studio album by Toledo, Ohio based OnceOver. The album is entirely free to stream, download, and share - and it's encouraged to do so. However, donations are graciously accepted and will be used to create physical copies of the EP and other merchandise.


released December 30, 2013

OnceOver is:
Steve Dwyer - Vocals
Paul Dwyer - Guitar, Vocals
Bruce Stelter - Drums
Colin de Saint Victor - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Archer - Bass, Vocals

OnceOver thanks; our wives, our families, our friends, and our fans.

Produced by Steve Dwyer and OnceOver. All songs written by Steve Dwyer and OnceOver. Recorded and Mixed at Axiom Sound Studios, Toledo, OH. Published by Axiom Sound Publishing ASCAP. ℗ & © Caged Bird Records, 4810 Wickford Green Suite #28, Toledo, OH 43617. All Rights Reserved. CBR131225.

© 2013
WARNING: Unauthorized copying is punishable under federal law.



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OnceOver Toledo, Ohio

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Track Name: The Prelude
Go on, and fly
The silence of your cries
This life, denied
Know that I fall below you
Track Name: The Death of You
She's had enough of the withering rough
and planting seeds that never seem to yield
In a war that she's fought there before
She's mending wounds that never seem to heal

But I know that there's never been proof
That the pain inside of you will ever produce
A chance to live, without a regret
Save your last breath for your death
Save a chance to reset yourself

Give me my signs now, I'm waiting
But the clouds are camouflage
And the silent figures are telling me
My sunburnt wings can't fly at all

Because this is the death of you
It is the birth of something new
The abandonment of the raging skies
A vivid view through the white raven's eyes

I've held my life in the pull of a trigger
Praying - "forgive me I’ve tried
I was just hoping to find
Waiting to find a place where I could land
I hope someday you'll understand"

But I was not lost, I was just finding my own way
No matter what cost, the sun was still setting on my days
You were not mine, and I was not yours to follow
So I filled up my cup, plastered over the hollow

Hold out your arms, are you flying or falling?
An empty cockpit and you still feel nothing
Hold out your heart, are you living or dying?
An empty casket and you still feel nothing

Abandon yourself, release a white raven
I'm fragile myself, but we are worth saving
Untangle the cords, release a white raven
Imagine yourself, beautifully braving....
Track Name: The Ghost and the Giant
Snake through the sand, I wasn't foolish
I knew that you held all the power in your hand
Though not enough to save your tower
Not enough left for those you've devoured
But I, was the ringing in your ears
Haunting you when the lies fled your lips
And still you climb, and scale your tower
In your bliss, leaving those in your pit

Enlarged and swollen, my eyelids frozen
And I'd unfold them, but I don't mean to start a war
I missed the part where, where I'm the problem,
I'd like to solve them, but I can't take this anymore

So next time, you feel the need to release your
Rotten, acrimonious, hate
Surely it's never, never forgotten
Trapped inside webs spun from your concoctions
I, was the bitter on your breath
I was the stunned when choked down the rest
Consumed the rind and claimed it sour
Somehow blamed it on those you molest

Traded truth for a ticketed train
I did it all but it was all in vain
I remember, I remember the pain
The first time I was washed down the drain
I need your help not someone else's
But you still run away

(He said) I am the ghost and the giant
The sickest thing that you will ever see
Destroying those in defiance
The flood you're never meant to see
The rest are sinners or they're cowards
Let their families try and flee
I am the ghost and the giant
I am the one you can't see
Track Name: The Ocean
So you sailed away this time
I'll wade waist high in the ocean just to say goodbye
Cause we had to, be pulled apart
Our shore's held together by my cross-stitched heart

This distance, this chasm, you've sewn stitches in my heart
Each one's a cherished memory so my heart won't fall apart
The fog of the morning, the dew of the night
The hands that held the child's hand, now grip the wheel tight

Sometimes when the seabirds crow, I feel like there's so much left to know
Is love gained? Is it won or lost? From it sustained, is it worth the cost?
Sometimes when the whistle blows, time slows, and the water flows
Are we waves - though that rise and fall - somehow never exist at all?

So you sailed away this time
I'll wade waist high in the ocean just to say goodbye
Cause we had to, be pulled apart
But our shore's still held together by my cross-stitched heart

Never mind the songs that we use to sing, or the sands that the shore would bring
Or the ships that the winds pulled by, I never knew that's what it's like to die

Track Name: The Skeleton Key
I remember when this house was more than my home
Turn the key and slowly unlock the door
But suddenly, my family is wanting so much more
And I never thought I'd live through this
Never thought you'd leave and never exist
Tell me this is just a dream

And you'd open your eyes, and your life won't pass me by
I knew from the start that you'd leave with my heart
And never return to the place we would part
And you'd open your eyes
We won't say our last goodbye
The doors to my past are locked,
But you gave me keys to the memories in case they were blocked

And I would never abandon any thoughts that I have of you
With this key I'll never let you go…

Tonight, I'm running out of words to write
On letting go of winless fights
On letting go of sleepless nights
But I'm letting go

But you're just a box of bones
And I am here now all alone
Why did you, why did you have to go?
Why do we have to go?

Cause I'm on the outside looking in
Waiting for my life to begin
And when you left it was pouring rain
But I knew that the clouds would leave again

One day, I'll turn the skeleton key
And we'll be where we're supposed to be
Track Name: The Locus of Control
You know how long I’ve had to live with this sting?
Know what it’s like to feel like life is slowly slipping away?
But I’m reminded that thoughts become things
The universe my puppet, I’m the one who’s holding the strings

So I, - so we - we see everything that we want to see
But the truth lies somewhere far beneath
The perceptions of our own reality

Get up or give in, let the battle with myself finally fucking begin
It’s me vs. me, my wrong versus right; I better take control or else just give up the fight.
Hey, no. It’s already like I’ve lost control
Hey, no. I'm never gonna let me go.

And this is a song for everyone
Who feels the same
Like they’re to blame.
And their hope is gone
And they can’t stay strong
And they can’t go on
Just remember you are not alone

Not a second goes by that I don’t think of the consequence,
Ending it all it just makes too much fucking sense
I can’t win a war when I’m not there to fight - I can’t see the stars unless I turn off the light.

So I wont let me down
And I wont break these bounds
The singing of 1,000 sounds
No, I wont let you down